the team is..

Rob Macleod, Christopher Fulham and Kathy Macleod.


Rob lives in Perth WA and has used mind/body guidance with clients for 30 years. Having had a career as a singer, performer and writer immersed in the psyche-physical difficulties of daily life, he trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and originally developed ‘Akudu’ as a better ’way’ forward through the ‘trips and traps’ we always meet.


Kathy is an experienced Registered Psychologist who qualified from UWA and Curtin University in WA. She uses Counselling, Hypnotherapy, TFT and CBT with her many clients in WA.


Chris says he is “a seeker who sought and found”. He is a visual arts tertiary educator who has taught Creative Media and Digital Arts at multiple Universities and colleges including the ANU.

Akudu, the 'way' of Aku.

Rob and Kathy have their practice in Perth. Their work is already successful and based on helping you if you are experiencing pain and strain in your body; those stubborn physical difficulties that respond poorly to the usual interventions.
As well as those mental and emotional disturbances that leave you stressed and messed.

Chris is in Canberra and has experienced the work over twenty years and can point you in exactly the right direction to take charge of your own well being again.


The boomerang effect is how our personal creativity becomes our personal reality. To discover how we are using our selves, all unawares, to bring into play our personal reality is an awesome step forward in our life. To deliberately manoeuvre from our intent and will is the road to recovery of everything that really matters to us. That's the 'way' of Aku.
We call this practice using your ‘EdgeWorks’.


EdgeWorks reorients you to the body of your
mind and the mind of your body in action.
Mentally, emotionally and physically, psySpace is where that orientation begins.

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