Turn your life around.

Have you had one of those bad landings?
A light bulb moment? A bad splashdown?
Need a plan to turn your life around?

It may be a big bold statement but, your life will come round your way when you can accept your creativity as the working principle.

When you can accept that you live and move and produce your day from intelligent creative energy that is everywhere. A personal creativity that is sourced from the vast creativity all around you and within you.

This is the marvel of your own being. You are an individual based on a gigantic creativity. And even better, you are living through a
a Smart Self!

A Smart Self?

Need a plan to turn your life around? Here is the plan that we begin with for our clients!

We reintroduce normal people with normal difficulties to their Smart Self.
We all have a smart self.
The smart self is our human software. It is our personal subconscious app. When we have focused attention we have pressed ‘on’. The Smart Self opens and runs our physical reality.

The brain and its body come ‘out of the box’ with UMOS installed. That’s Universal Mother OS already installed, ready to run, at the moment we take our first breath.
So the physical organism arrives with a 'Smart Self' ready programmed that will become the Man or the Woman behind the wheel. That will become the 'me' that I mean when I say "I Am". The me that says I am hot. I am hungry. The me that says I am frightened. I am in love. I am the greatest!

The ‘I Am’ can be out of sight but it can’t be out of mind. To access your 'Smart Self'  the first discovery for you to make is that your attention is the lever for change. As you go through our EdgeWorks guidance you get the ‘Space for Change’. You are pulling levers right away.

EdgeWorks takes you on a re-discovery. You become aware again of your innate ability to consciously plug into The Boomerang Effect that arranges your personal experiences. The power within your own personal psySpace.

You can deliberately use again the incredible resource that you were not told about. That you have never been shown how to use. We all have a Smart Self that we can let loose on the world. Just turn on the light!

Turn on the Light

We all have a smart Self. The smart self is our human software. It is our personal subconscious app.

Turn on the Light >