Natural magic

Waking up your waking self

Our Big Idea

Natural magic

No wand. No sparks flying. No cocktail of organics crushed in a special bowl. No single word utterance bringing a rush of fire.

No mysterious, enabling passes of the hands. No worshipful formulas uttered on one knee. No secrets unveiled for the chosen from a great one just out of sight and just out of reach, delivering power.

Just sweet little YOU

Just sweet little YOU. Standing at the doorway enveloped in your cloak of visibility. Wearing nothing but the feeling of a thought and the thought of a feeling.
There you are, effortlessly making reality appear before your friends
with nothing but the power you were born with. The magic of being human
and a part of nature. Natural Magic ...

We are offering you the key

The key to that will open the doorway to your personal creativity, your Natural Magic.

The key to undoing the pain, strain and stress in your body that just won’t leave you alone.

The key to releasing the emotional intensity that can crucify you in your daily life.

The key to waking up your waking self to its own power and creativity.

the Doorway to a 'space for change'

We found it. We use it. We can deliver it.

This doorway is a completely new area of attention for your daily activity. To help you confidently access it we have organised the important elements as practice procedures that you can use throughout your day.

a doorway Opens...

It is a doorway to the experience of truly letting go. Where the pressures of life evaporate. From this ‘space for change’ you can effortlessly start to get your life moving again.

It’s true. Through this doorway there’s a holiday destination for your tired body. A break from living in a clench. Am I kidding? No I am not! This is for real.

Who Are We?

The Big Idea team is Rob, Chris and Kathy.
Here's how we open that doorway for you

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