EdgeWorks and PsySpace

The practice of a simple formula that can get us going again at the failure node in our lives.

Edgeworks and Psyspace


A shift into psySpace is just what we need at the trip over, fall down, point when we are trying to acquire the life experiences that we really want. It is the practice of a simple formula that can get us going again at the failure node in our lives.

This is where we are likely to turn on ourselves. We ask the question "what's wrong with me?" My answer is that there is nothing at all wrong with you.
You are a brilliantly creative individual who is just using your personal power to undo your self. You are making the mess for yourself with the boomerang effect.

EdgeWorks can quickly show you how to do yourself up again and get the throw right.

Imagine that those wise yet stupid sayings are before you…

Get this. Get that. Get what you have needed.
Get your ass into gear. Get a life. Get the magic.
Get well again. Get rich. Get smart. Get love in your life. Get laid…

They are wise because they are usually what you need. They are stupid because “you found out it ain’t quite that easy”.

Our life solutions for both mind and body are tightly framed for us. They are, we are assured, all within the framework of the physical body. The medical model and the scientific position claim the high ground even as the fires of doubt
rip through around them.
If they can’t fix you, then you may as well put your name down for voluntary euthanasia.

EdgeWorks is our recovery process

We are saying that the Natural Magic of the physical body is far greater than can be found in the flesh, bone and brain. That the greater self is found in the space that your body is alive in. It is found in psySpace. That personal space in which your body is embedded.

EdgeWorks is our recovery process for reorienting you to a new application of your own ability to ‘get’ that list above working for you. Mentally, emotionally and physically, psySpace is where recovery begins.  

Need a plan to turn your life around?

We have one for you that has worked over and over for our clients!

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