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The boomerang effect

The boomerang effect.
Here comes yesterday!

Our lives are moulded and grown by a wonderful harmonising energy built into our day. The boomerang effect - The throw is how we grow!

The boomerang effect! What we keep throwing our mind and attention into,  returns to us… through our body as our health and well being; through our life as events and all the things that appear to ‘just happen’ to us.

Our life is happening from us

The boomerang effect is how those ‘happenings’ turn up. It’s all in the throw. Our life is happening from us.

Which means, that if life is giving us the ‘whoops’, we can change it… dramatically.

Right at our mental finger tips is the tool for change that makes life easier straight away. By deliberately accessing the boomerang effect we can give our life new direction and control.

'Wow’ is right …

Could so many of us have missed this? Yes!
Life and change is not allowed to be simple?  
We need change to be hard, difficult and profound?  We have brained it out with the intellect. There’s money in it. We can prove that life is tough! Get used to it and pay up.

Well now, could simple work for you too? Yes!

Has it worked for us at Big Idea? Yes!
Want to give it a try? Yes?  
Come on then… but first,

Here is the weather!

There will be wide spread Natural Magic in all places that you find people!

Natural Magic? What's that?     

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